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Experience enduring waterproofing excellence in flat roofing with our cutting-edge Seamless Hot Melt systems. Engineered for longevity, these systems provide a seamless and robust solution, ensuring a watertight seal that stands the test of time.

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What is Hot Melt Roofing?

Hot melt roofing is a method of roofing that involves the application of a specialised hot asphalt compound to create a durable and watertight roofing system. This technique is commonly used for low-slope or flat roofs, especially in commercial and industrial buildings. Hot melt roofing offers several benefits, with a strong emphasis on durability and lifespan.

Benefits of Hot Melt Roofing

Discover the numerous advantages of choosing Hot Melt Roofing for your project.

Typical Use Cases:

Flat Roofs
Hot melt roofing is well-suited for roofs with minimal slope, as it forms a continuous, watertight layer that prevents water pooling and leakage.

Green Roofs
The durability and waterproofing properties of hot melt roofing make it a suitable option for green roofs, where vegetation is grown on the roof surface.

Balconies and Terraces
Similar to plaza decks, balconies, and terraces can benefit from hot melt roofing's waterproofing capabilities.

Plaza Decks
Hot melt roofing can be applied to plaza decks and elevated surfaces to provide waterproofing and protection.

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Our Process


Surface Preparation

The roof surface must be cleaned, free of debris, and dry before the application begins.



Insulation boards, if required, are fastened to the roof deck.


Hot Melt Application

The hot asphalt compound is heated to a specific temperature and then applied to the roof surface using specialised equipment.



A reinforcement layer is embedded into the hot asphalt to add strength and stability to the roofing system.


Cooling and Setting

The hot melt compound cools and solidifies, forming a seamless, watertight membrane.

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Testimonials That Speak
for Themselves

"Invictus Roofing fulfilled all requests"

We had a very large roof replacement completed on split sites at Hove Park School in 2017. We had a large area of the Nevill Campus roof replaced over the changing rooms and student toilets, which was conducted during the school holidays. Invictus Roofing fulfilled all requests, solved any issues, and always put our student’s needs and safety first. I would happily use Invictus Roofing again in the future.”

Danny Compton
Site Manager, Hove Park School and Sixth Form College

"Very Impressed!"

We have just had a major roof replacement at our School carried out by Invictus Roofing. As it was carried out in term-time, we were very impressed with the contractor and the way the work was carried out. We also had SAT’s exams week during the contract, and the team was very accommodating by changing their shift pattern to suit the school. All works were carried out to a very high quality, with all areas left clean and safe for the duration of the works. We would highly recommend Invictus Roofing and would have no hesitation in using them again.

Fergus Walsh
Premises Manager, Carden Primary School

"Thank you Invictus for such a superb job."

"We cannot recommend this company highly enough. If you need to repair or replace a flat roof then this is the company to use.

Invictus was recommended to us by a seasoned building professional after we had received a bewildering array of quotes from other contractors.

Right from the start Invictus were a pleasure to deal with. Prompt, price competitive, with exceptional customer service. The work was carried out to a very high standard and the site left clean and tidy. Scaffolding was removed promptly."

Ken Brooks

Would use again!

“Over the Summer 2017 holidays we had a large part of our flat roof replaced. Invictus Roofing worked cleanly without disruption to the school. Any issues raised were resolved promptly. We would use Invictus Roofing again”

Martine Rhodes
Business Manager-Middle Street Primary

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