Single Ply Roofing

Transform your building with a roofing solution that is not only robust and reliable but also visually striking. This versatile option is favoured in both new builds and refurbishment projects, ensuring enduring quality and aesthetic appeal for your building transformation.

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What is Single Ply?

Single ply is a synthetic polymer-based material that provides a seamless waterproofing layer in a single sheet. Our roofing experts are installing this versatile material on buildings across the South of England with minimal disruption to daily operations. With its modern and aesthetically pleasing qualities, single ply roofing is a fantastic solution for new builds and refurbishments.

Robust and reliable, single ply is commonly used on schools, hospitals and even residential homes.

Benefits of Single Ply Roofing

Discover the numerous advantages of choosing single ply roofing for your project.


Single ply roofing offers various aesthetic options, including a range of colours and textures. This allows architects and building owners to choose a roofing material that complements the overall design of the building. Some single ply membranes can even mimic the appearance of traditional roofing materials like metal.

As technology continues to advance, it's likely that single ply roofing systems will further evolve to offer even more innovative features and benefits.

Use Cases:

Commercial Buildings
Single ply roofing is commonly used in commercial buildings such as offices, warehouses, retail spaces, and industrial facilities due to its durability and energy efficiency benefits.

Residential Properties
While more prevalent in commercial settings, single ply roofing systems are also used in residential properties, especially those with flat or low-slope roofs.

Institutional Structures
Educational institutions, hospitals, and government buildings often opt for single ply roofing due to its cost-effectiveness and ability to cover large roof areas.

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Our Process



The existing roof surface is cleaned and prepared for installation. Any repairs or adjustments needed for the substrate are made.



Insulation is often placed over the existing substrate to provide thermal insulation and improve energy efficiency.


Membrane Install

The single ply roofing membrane is rolled out over the insulation and mechanically attached or adhered to the substrate. Seams are heat-welded or chemically bonded to ensure a watertight seal.


Flashing & Edging

Flashing details and edge terminations are installed to prevent water infiltration at vulnerable areas such as roof edges, penetrations, and transitions.


Quality Assurance

The installed roofing system undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure proper installation and seam integrity.

Testimonials That Speak
for Themselves

Would use again!

“Over the Summer 2017 holidays we had a large part of our flat roof replaced. Invictus Roofing worked cleanly without disruption to the school. Any issues raised were resolved promptly. We would use Invictus Roofing again”

Martine Rhodes
Business Manager-Middle Street Primary

"Will use again"

"Guys came round and inspected a leak on our warehouse roof after we have a large intake of water near our stock on the mezzanine. Josh provided a temp fix to get us through a patch of weather we had inbound before he returned to seal the roof with more materials. Kept us in the loop the whole time and helped us keep the costs down. Have used before and will use again when the time comes."

Josh Buckwell

"Invictus Roofing fulfilled all requests"

We had a very large roof replacement completed on split sites at Hove Park School in 2017. We had a large area of the Nevill Campus roof replaced over the changing rooms and student toilets, which was conducted during the school holidays. Invictus Roofing fulfilled all requests, solved any issues, and always put our student’s needs and safety first. I would happily use Invictus Roofing again in the future.”

Danny Compton
Site Manager, Hove Park School and Sixth Form College

"Thank you for making our roof repair so painless!"

"As I sit listening to the rain hammering away at our roof I’m so grateful to know it’s all repaired & unlike three weeks ago we won’t be seeing a small waterfall in our home.

I cannot recommend Invictus Roofing highly enough, from start to finish of this job they were fabulous. A professional, knowledgeable on site team who are respectful & helpful at all times, offering calm solutions & reassurance to problems as well as being tidy & mindful of noise. (We had neighbours commenting on how courteous they were) All backed up with an efficient, helpful Office team who deal with & respond to queries quickly."

Hannah Lawson
East Sussex

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